Music By Design


While pursuing degrees in accounting and finance, David starting DJing at his college radio station. During the summer months, he started spinning in the Chicago club scene. It did not take him long to gain an appreciation for all types of music and a passion for DJing. After attending a friend’s wedding, David was struck by how cheesy and unprofessional the DJ handled the event.

”I will never forget that DJ. He had a rainbow colored vest with a red bow tie. The guy started dancing and physically forcing guests to the dance floor. He put on several costumes and danced on a chair. It was awful! The bride and groom were appalled! When the groom asked the DJ to change things and play different music, the DJ refused. That wedding was my inspiration to give brides and grooms an event that will result in an enjoyable, memorable, and positive experience. After being in the wedding industry for over 28 years, I am still passionate about weddings and DJing. The excitement of a happy bride and groom is outstanding and participating on their wedding day is very rewarding.”