Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions

We DJ all throughout the Chicagoland area. The easiest way to learn more about Music By Design is to schedule your webinar. You can avoid driving and follow along on your computer for your 20 minute consultation. We also host in-person consultations in St. Charles Studio. You can call 630.549.7782 to schedule or request an appointment online by clicking Appointment Hours.

Hours of Operation:
M – TH 10am to 7pm
Fridays 10am to 5pm
Saturdays 9am – Noon
Sundays Closed

Absolutely. At Music By Design, all DJs are employees of the company. We never outsource to independent contractors. You have the flexibility to select and meet your DJ, before your book. You will always meet your DJ at your initial consultation, and there is never an obligation to book.

With other companies, you will meet a salesperson and are required to book your event prior to meeting your DJ. Why? Because most of our competitors don’t have any employees. In fact, they are nothing more than “booking agents” that outsource independent contractors. In some cases, you will have to pay extra to meet your DJ. It is important to know exactly what you are getting prior to booking your event. At Music By Design, you will meet your DJ/MC and know exactly what you are getting.

Absolutley! All prices are disclosed on our website and you can get a quote before making an appointment. Please click for wedding prices or contact us to speak with a representative. A professional DJ company should encourage communication, openness, and honesty in all areas. A large number of DJs in the Chicagoland area practice high-pressure and nondisclosure with regard to sales and pricing. In most instances, you will drive to your consultation without knowing your price. In addition, you will be offered a substantial discount if you book your event “today”. Often times, you will be asked for cash upfront just to hold the date or the price quote is only good for a ‘limited time’. At Music By Design, we offer an open and honest policy with a refreshing level of customer service.

A consultation will typically last 25 – 30 minutes. Our goal is to provide you with a detailed outline of the services requested. All information is presented in a low pressure environment to help you decide – is Music By Design the ‘right fit’ for my event? We do not believe in a high pressure ‘sales’ environment. We want to deliver a concise and meaningful presentation that will allow you to make an informed decision.

We accept Chase QuickPay®, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Checks and Cash. A 3% convenience fee applies to all credit card payments. You can pay online using your client login, make a payment over the phone – 630.549.7782, or mail payments to:

Music By Design, Ltd.
3755 E. Main St. Ste. 185
St. Charles, IL 60174

Your deposit is $600 to reserve DJ services, $1000 to reserve Photography services and $400 to reserve Photo Booth services. Your final payment is due 14 days before your event. We accept Chase QuickPay®, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Checks and Cash. A 3% convenience fee applies to all credit card payments. You can pay online using your client login, make a payment over the phone – 630.549.7782, or mail payments to:

Music By Design, Ltd.
3755 E. Main St. Ste. 185
St. Charles, IL 60174

It is up to you. Please be aware, if you choose to meet with your DJ before your event, it is important to have all your planning forms complete upon arrival to your meeting. As a part of our standard procedure, your DJ will personally call you the week of your wedding to discuss all of the details of your event. This 10-15 minute phone call should provide the peace of mind to know that you and your DJ are on the same page. If you prefer to arrange an in person meeting with your DJ, please contact us.

Of course, you always have access to our qualified office staff at any time during the planning process. Whether you contact us via phone or email, our goal is to provide prompt, accurate responses to your questions.

At Music By Design, it is our responsibility to get all the music for your event. If a song is not listed, simply add that song to your “Custom Song” list and we will happily get that song for you. If the song happens to be a formality song (e.g. Bridal Party Introduction, First Dance, Cake Cutting) you can type the title and the artist in the space provided. This same procedure holds true for any specific versions of songs. Perhaps you prefer an acoustic version or want a live version of a song – you can specify that information in your planning form.

Please keep in mind, certain songs may not be available for purchase in the United States. If that is the case, we will work with you to obtain the music prior to your wedding day.

The bottom line: you are not limited to the song selections in our library. It is our responsibility to get all the music for your event – at no additional cost to you.

Yes, we do many multicultural weddings every year. The most important factor when planning a multicultural wedding is communication. The more we understand about your expectations, culture, traditions, and music requirements, the happier you will be.

Yes we do! Music By Design believes that same-sex marriage is a humans rights issue. We feel all couples should have the right to marry and we are your Chicago gay wedding DJ offering ceremony music services, uplighting decor, and photo booths.

Yes, we provide custom uplighting packages to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a couple of uplights behind your head table, or enough lights to add a dramatic affect to your event space, we can accommodate. We only use LED uplights. LED lighting is the cleanest and most eco-friendly illumination. LED uplights stay cooler to the touch and are safe for you and your guests. In addition, all the colors are completely customizable. We provide you with an RGB color code list, which allows you to choose a color to match your event decor.

How many lights you book depends on you and your venue layout. If you are uncertain about how many lights to use, we can obtain a room layout from your venue and send you a lighting plan. You can then add or delete lights as you see fit.

Yes, we do offer photo booths. Our photo booths are 5×5 and can accommodate up to 10 guests. The photo booth comes with unlimited reprints, a photo guest book, photo booth props, a flash drive with all your photos, and unlimted online reprints for free. Your photos are printed on pro-grade dye-sublimation printers that produce only the highest quality digital prints. Your photos are taken with Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR cameras. These 18 megapixel cameras deliver excellent image quality. For more information about our photo booth, visit photo booth by design.

Yes. Your online planning forms can help you organize the details of your wedding ceremony. Your ceremony package includes pre-ceremony music, music for all ceremony formalities, and a wireless mic your officiant. Your DJ will also direct and coordinate the flow of your ceremony.

No. At Music By Design, there are no hidden fees.  We do not charge for drive time or set up. Your package price is all inclusive.

Absolutely! Your DJ is your master of ceremonies (MC). Performing MC duties is the most important responsibility of your DJ/MC. At Music By Design, your DJ/MC will direct and coordinate your entire wedding in a professional manner. You can use your online planning forms to create your event timeline (we can help you with that). Your DJ/MC will then organize and execute all of the details to ensure your wedding reception flows seamlessly. Think of a Music By Design DJ as your personal event coordinator.

Absolutely not! Music By Design is a professional and ethical corporation, it is our responsibility to maintain the privacy of our clients. It is not our place to invite anyone to your wedding reception. We offer every couple the opportunity to meet their DJ (before booking) and the ability to use our extensive online planning system to ensure they have a completely customized wedding. If a DJ company allows you to visit one of their events, you can be sure that uninvited guests will also be attending your wedding reception.

Yes. At Music By Design, we always under book our calendar to ensure we have our employed staff of DJs scheduled as backup. If the situation arises, it is important to have backup procedures to ensure the highest quality service. Music By Design has both backup equipment and DJs prepared for your event.

No thank you. You are not required to purchase your DJ a meal. If a meal is provided, your DJ will eat at the DJ table. At Music By Design, it is unprofessional to sit and eat with your guests. Furthermore, our DJs do not drink alcohol or take breaks at your wedding reception.

Your DJ will arrive at least 1.5 hours before your first guest.  By the time your guests arrive, all equipment will be setup and ready to go. Your DJ will be neatly dressed and unused gear and bags will be out of sight.

Your DJ will be dressed in a suit and tie.

Most venues in the Chicagoland area will offer you a six hour wedding package. That is why our DJ package is for six hours – Your DJ package needs to be the same duration as your venue package.  For example, if you booked your venue from 6pm to midnight, you need to book your DJ for 6 hours. If you decide to extend your venue past six hours, simply tell your DJ to keep playing. It is a game-time decision and it costs $50 per hour to extend your DJ.

We service all of Chicagoland.

QSC K-Series, JBL, Denon, EV, and Shure

Music By Design goes to extremes ensuring quality sound for your event. We understand that the quality of sound is directly related to your overall enjoyment. We utilize professional audio equipment specifically designed for commercial operation. All systems include only “State of the Art” equipment manufactured to deliver clean crisp digital audio sound. In addition, all sound is equalized, therefore, eliminating a preponderance of treble or bass to produce just the right mix of audio.

All equipment is periodically inspected for defects. Backup systems and DJs are always available to provide peace-of-mind. In addition, our unlimited music library is available at your request. Music By Design has the necessary experience to produce quality sound for your next event.